He is well armed with sports knowledge

First, there was Paul the Octopus, who correctly predicted 8 out of 8 World Cup Matches. Then there was Heidi the cross-eyed opossum, who correctly predicted that Natalie Portman would win the Best Actress Oscar for Black Swan. It is in this spirit that I present to you Elizabeth Devine, my own sports prognosticator specialist, best known for such insightful sports observations as “It’s just hitting a ball with a stick,” Your hockey team got the championship? Well, I’m happy that you’re happy,” and of course, “I cheer for him because he looks like Jesus.” (In reference to Johnny Damon during the Red Sox recent World Series run). Now, I’ve asked Elizabeth to take her extensive sports knowledge and apply it to a 2011 March Madness Tournament bracket, where she and I will compete to see whose sports knowledge reigns supreme in the Devine household.


Overcoming im-possum-able odds

In this corner, Tim Devine. Sports enthusiast, avid ESPN watcher, and tournament historian. I listened to bracket breakdowns, looked at suggestions from the experts, found some objective statistics that assist in predicting winners (thanks in large part to Norm Hitzges), and agonized over each selection.







She bear-ly knows what she's doing

In the other corner, Elizabeth Devine. Licensed Professional Counselor, Film enthusiast, and avid dog lover. Her picks were based on a controversial scientific formula that combined “how the name of the school sounded” with “where the school is located and whether or not it seems like a place where a lot of athletic people would live”.

Is there such a thing as an “expert” when it comes to March Madness? Click on the brackets below to keep tabs on our experiment.


Tim’s Bracket

Elizabeth’s Bracket


Let the Madness begin.