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Yes they did.

Wade implied that SOMEONE ELSE is faking?

Remember when Emmitt Smith dislocated his shoulder and kept playing football? Apparently Wade needs his shoulder to walk.

The fake is bad. The wink is worse.

A rare moment to agree with Jeff Van Gundy.

This team will get their championships and become the face of the NBA for the next 5 years. Tonight, let it go to the man who has no interest in becoming a celebrity or establishing himself as a global icon. The man who is too busy working with his personal shooting coach to bother with commercials. Tonight, maybe for the last time for years to come in the NBA, let hard work, dedication, humility, and teamwork be rewarded. Let previous wrongs be avenged. Let the dark side be defeated.

The path was predetermined. It’s all come down to this.


Maybe it’s because I’m an underemployed teacher with too much time on his hands and a Masters Degree in Humanities. Maybe it’s because no one else has the courage to call out Michael Wilbon when he tries to talk about hockey. Maybe it’s because The Dallas Morning News has erected a pay wall to protect its writers from too much exposure. Maybe its because every time I try to call The Ticket, the phone lines are busy. Or maybe one day I woke up and thought, “Hey, if Richie Whitt is ‘qualified’ to write a sports blog, then so am I!” At any rate, I’ve decided to create this digital orifice, out of which I plan to spew my digested sports contents. Yum!

First, I must state my allegiances: I am a life-long Dallas sports fan. My father tucked me in at night with stories of Staubach to Pearson, took me to see Nolan’s 5,000th strikeout (I was but a wee lad, and was probably more impressed with the flashbulbs in the stands, but I was there), sat with me by the radio as we listened to the Mavericks lose to the Lakers in the 1988 Western Conference Finals, and bought me my first authentic Mike Modano jersey. I don’t stop watching games when my teams are getting blown out. I have never and will never switch allegiances.

If you are pissed off at Doug Murray’s cheap headhunting tactics this morning, then this blog is for you. If you are tired of watching Stuart Scott elevate the rising stupidity of SportsCenter, you will find solace here. If you cringe every time Merrill Hoge says “factor back”, or scoff at the idea of paying to read Jean-Jacques Taylor, then join me in this little Dallas sports cocoon, where together we will give voice to the educated fan with no inside access and no standards of fairness to which we must adhere. We believe in a 2006 NBA Finals conspiracy. We understand that Brett Hull possessed the puck before entering the crease, and that a shot that bounces off the goaltender does not constitute a change of possession, therefore allowing Hull to stay in the crease and score the Stanley Cup winning goal. We still hate Merton Hanks and his stupid chicken neck celebration dance. And we all agree that the entire career of Robin Ventura has but one important bullet point.

So join me, won’t you? No? Well, I’m going to write anyway. Subscribe to my blog and I promise to impregnate you with fertile sports thoughts that will swim through your sports uterus and implant in your sports womb (also look for my medical blog, coming soon!). Prepare for “sport-ning” sickness! (testing my new potential catchphrase…).

A man you can trust with your sports.